Save the monkeys :)

Ok so I know this isn’t a post about baking or a recipe but this is the other part of my life that I’m passionate about. When I’m not creating yummy baked goods I spend several months a year out in Indonesia working with local communities to conserve the endangered Buton Macaque. This monkey is only found on one tiny island and it’s threatened by illegal logging and conflict with local people. I work with a local NGO to provide sustainable solutions to the problem so the monkeys and the local people can both survive.

There is more information about my project on my other blog

This saturday (april 7th) I am cycling 60 miles from London to Brighton to raise money for the project this summer…. in a furry monkey outfit!













I am still looking for sponsorship 🙂

What your support will achieve:

  • £5 – chilli seeds for 5 farmers to plant. Monkeys don’t like chilli so this keeps them away from the farms, reducing conflict with local people.
  • £10 – one local person to work for a day following the macaques in the forest. This provides an income for local people meaning they don’t have to resort to logging etc  and provides vital information about the macaques for the project.
  • £30 – buys netting for one farm. This protects the crops without harming monkeys and reduces conflict.
  • £100 – funds a half day workshop in the local school, educating children and their parents about the macaques and how to conserve them.
Thank you very much
Nancy 🙂

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