Yummy Indonesian food

So this isn’t a recipe post but I did say there might be some food posts while I was away and I thought I’d start by sharing a few of the delicious dishes I’ve been sampling while I’ve been in Java this past week before I go over to my project in Sulawesi.

Here goes!

Pepes Tahu (tofu steamed in banana leaf with spices), Nasi merah (red rice) and Karedok (also called Lotek – various raw veg with a spicy peanut sauce).


Gado-gado (vegetables, tofu, egg, rice steamed in banana leaves, and a peanut sauce)


Salak (snake fruit)


Lontong sayur (a spicy soup of pumpkin, beans, tofu, turmeric, chilli etc)


Rujuk (fresh fruit – pineapple, young mango, water apple, stone fruit, papaya with a sauce of peanut, chilli and coconut palm sugar)


Soto ayam kriuk (a clear chicken soup with bean sprouts, onion and turmeric)



Bihun rendang (rice noodles with veg and a spicy sauce) and a clear soup, with steamed tofu


Nasi Sate Jimbaran (chicken and tofu satay, green beans with a spicy garlic sauce, rice and a peanut sauce and Melinjo crackers)


Karedok / Lotek again πŸ™‚


Fresh Coconut



Spicy tofu and veg stir fry


Lumpia Basah (bean sprouts, a type of pumpkin, egg or tofu and spices, served in a wafer thin rice flour pancake)




And finally – dessert! Manggis (mangosteen fruit) – delicious – rather like a lychee, sweet but also slightly sour πŸ™‚


That’s it for now! Off to Sulawesi tomorrow so the food will be a lot less varied sadly! πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Yummy Indonesian food

  1. Nice tour…karedok I think is the Sundanese version of gado-gado, so maybe gado2 uses lontong more (or that’s the difference) than karedok? Think a salak and mangosteen salad would be good? I enjoy both, but the salak seems to scratch me incisors. Since you’ve probably made it to Sulawesi by now, how was the food scene by Toraja?

    • Thanks πŸ™‚
      Gado-gado is cooked, karedok is raw – think that’s the main difference. I’m not a big fan of salak to be honest!I’m only on one small island in sulawesi so haven’t been in toraja sadly πŸ™‚

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