Amazing! A great use of those biccies! 🙂

Plant Based Recipes

Earlier this week I was lucky enough to sample some delicious Fruit and Nut Cookies from  Pure and Simple Bakes. First off let me tell you they are delicious on their own!! I decided however that I needed a little munchie buster that wasn’t going to affect my clean eating plan so I set about creating one of my favourite desserts in miniature …

Banoffee Pie!

2013-01-17 14.42.20

You will need:

12 Fresh Medjool dates
8 Fruit and Nut cookies, see recipe below
Coconut Milk
1 medium Banana, sliced

For the ‘Caramel’, remove the stones from your dates and then pop them into your food processor and add a splash of coconut milk.

Blitz until the mixture resembles caramel. Keep adding coconut milk until you are there. The mixture will be a smooth and beautiful caramel colour.

Place the cookies onto a plate, slice the banana and lay the slices onto the top.

2013-01-17 14.39.55


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