Coconut Collaborative dairy-free yoghurts review

I’ve waited until after the Christmas/ new year palava was all over with to post this – but I’ve been bursting to share it with you all!

The very lovely people over at the Coconut Collaborative were kind enough to send me some pots of their recently launched range of dairy-free coconut yogurts for me to try. This is truly a yoghurt for everyone – it’s free from dairy, soya and gluten so perfect for anyone with food allergies or following a dairy-free/vegan lifestyle.

They’re available in a few varieties- natural, raspberry (natural with a layer of raspberry compote), mango and passion fruit (natural with a layer of tropical fruit compote) and natural with berries and seeds (which comes with a little bag of seeds and berries for sprinkling).

They’re free from nasty additives and are made with only live coconut milk, dairy-free cultures and some starch to thicken them. The fruit compotes are natural too with no artificial sweetners etc. Best of all they are full of coconut fat – but it’s fat I hear you cry?! Yep but coconut fat is one of the best fats you can eat – it’s full of medium-chain fatty acids which means it’s a great fat to eat as it’s broken down and used for fuel, rather than being stored as body fat. Yay! 🙂

I was sent the raspberry and mango and passion fruit yoghurts to try. Both were simply delicious. The raspberry one is lovely – a little sweetness from the raspberry and a lovely light yoghurty tartness from the coconut yoghurt.


The mango and passion fruit one is also really good and I had this with some tropical granola which was a divine combo! Once again  – it wasn’t too sweet but had a lovely tangy taste. These are a fab option for dairy-free yoghurts, and unlike other coconut yoghurts they’re not too rich which means they’re good any time of day – for brekkie, a snack, or even dessert.


I’ve tried the natural one myself too and that’s also delicious and would also make a great alternative to sour cream on savoury dishes e.g. my pumpkin chili (posted over at The Pure Form Fitness Kitchen). On top of all of that they are also beautifully packaged!


You really must try these – I promise you won’t be disappointed.

The yoghurts are available from Waitrose, Ocado, some Tescos, Itsu stores, Daylesford Organics, Harvey Nichols and some local healthfood shops. They also make the most delicious ice cream too – so if you see that then grab yourself a pot as it’s amazing!

Check out their facebook and twitter accounts for more info 🙂


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