Funky Raw

I’ve recently discovered a fab site for buying some of the ingredients I use in the recipes on this blog and also a great place to buy raw and super foods online. It’s the Funky Raw Shop. Do check them out – they’ve got a great range of products, ethically sourced and they’re reasonably priced too.

They also produce a pretty awesome little magazine – the  Funky Raw Magazine. It’s  a quarterly publication which focues on raw food, nutrition, raw food recipes, wild foods and foraging, reviews of books and products, info about food festivals, meets and swaps and more. It’s actually a really cool magazine and full of useful info. The current edition includes info on local gatherings, workshops and events which is really handy. There are reviews of number of great books and DVD’s including “Raw Food 101” which sounds brilliant. Susan Schenk’s book “Beyond Broccoli – Creating a Biologically Balanced Diet when a Vegetarian Diet Doesn’t Work” is also reviewed which is another really useful article.

If you’re interested in foraging for food then there are titbits of info on that too – in this edition there’s a focus on Nettles – something I’ve been keen to try for ages!
There are also a load of delicious sounding recipe’s and Raw Chocolate rears it’s head too – which is never a bad thing! 🙂

As well as food and nutrition-based aticles there are articles on broader life issues like how to overcome procrastination, stories of people’s work and projects, as well as short stories etc.

All in all it’s a great read. I’m not following a Raw diet but I found the recipes and info in there relevant to me regardless and there’s lots of really useful tips for anyone following any sort of healthy lifestyle be it raw or otherwise.

Do check it out. You can buy an e-book version or a paper copy here and you can also download a free trial issue to see what you think.While you’re there check out the rest of the site – it’s a mine of useful info 🙂

Enjoy! 🙂



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